Focus Groups

Market research Division

Carlar Hospitality focus groups offer companies the facility to obtain market research on purposed new innovative marketing concepts with a selective group of guests who fit predefined specifications. Our clients are given the opportunity to view and listen to in-depth discussions of the opinions of the focus groups’ selected topic.

Provide planning and focus group management

Ideally, market research groups consist 0f 8 to 12 people. A group of over 12 is inclined to limit rather than stimulate the input and interaction among participants. Less than 8 persons may not produce a comprehensive enough contribution and interaction to maximise the value of the market research interview.

Provide and develop a focus group management guide

Focus group managers work from a predetermined discussion guide and moderate comprehensive discussions to achieve the maximum in-depth feedback for the client.

Reports are presented in a timely fashion

Clients are presented with audio and video recordings of the focus group discussions and a comprehensive report interpreting the results of the survey and making suggestions and recommendations on additional market research.