Customer Perception Analysis Survey

An (OUT seventy-two hour) in-house guest survey of hotel facilities, containing a database of over three thousand guest contact points. The data compiled is accumulated in our computer bank to measure the quality and consistency of service and performance levels in all departments.

Customer Perception Analysis (CPA) has proven to be effective in:

  • Measuring service quality in the hospitality industry, allowing management the opportunity to instantly adjust service and product levels to maximize customer satisfaction promptly

  • Providing an ongoing monitoring system to track guest satisfaction levels in various departments of the hotel and providing management with the mechanism to compare individual hotel services with those of its market share competitors

  • Furnishing management with a vehicle that highlights the hotel's strengths and weaknesses in relation to a generic database of hotels monitored in a similar category

  • Instituting procedures that allow management to identify those employees rendering service that meets or surpasses guest expectations

  • Conducting and auditing (OUT a number of ) cash integrity test (Out procedures during the course of a Customer Perception Analysis to) and validating in-house cash control systems

  • Increasing quality service appreciation for the entire staff by developing an awareness program mirroring a hotel's position with customer satisfaction, thereby increasing market share and bottom line results