Media Release Nov1 2004

Carlar Hospitality Launches Customer Alignment Analysis

Carlar Hospitality, a leader in providing the hospitality industry with comprehensive customer satisfaction and service standard databases, launches the “Customer Alignment Analysis (CAA)” to complement the existing “Customer Perception Analysis (CPA)”.

The “Customer Alignment Analysis (CAA)” has been specifically designed to analyse whether guest service conforms to and is aligned with customer needs and expectations. It measures what engenders guest loyalty and enables our clients to examine important market trends.

Carlar Hospitality employs the following monitoring techniques:


Phase One: examination of customer expectation for a specific service.
Phase Two: summary of level of guest satisfaction.

Results: The “CAA Expectation Analysis” technique identifies the client base, uncovers valuable market research and defines how well the hospitality industry is performing to meet the expectations of its customers.


Phase One: measures the overall importance concerning a specific aspect of customer service.
Phase Two: performance is then measured and the gap between the two analysed.

Results: The “CAA Importance Versus Performance Analysis” technique can be utilised to segment customers relative to the order of importance in service and compiles data on perception of performance.


A “Top Performers Analysis” is executed to enable clients determine achievable satisfaction goals. This technique examines what the “Top Performers” are achieving and develops a profile of the “Satisfied Customer”.

Results: The “CAA Top Performer Analysis” assists management set a “high bar” for customer service levels. The level is based on actual “Top Performers” aggregate totals, presenting management realistic new goals to operate from.

Carlar Hospitality delivers a genuine perspective, fostering growth and influence in the market place. Since 1990, we have provided evaluation methods to equip the hospitality industry with a tangible means in obtaining a higher level of guest satisfaction.

For further information, please contact: Leslie Rochford, CHA, Managing Director

Phone: 1(250) 764-9798