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Hotel Shopping by Professionally Trained Monitors

Providing customer perception analysis (CPAs), and mystery customer shopping service exclusively to the hospitality industry

All of Carlar Hospitality resources are dedicated to our client's goals of delivering a superior level of service and product, which, in so doing, increases bottom line results

Carlar Hospitality Analysis offers its clients the following unique features:

  • Hospitality consulting - hotelsReports individually customised for each hotel company.

  • Comparisons of hotel services with a generic database that has emerged from over xxxx in-house surveys equivalent to over 250,000 hours of consistent hotel monitoring.

  • Flexibility to imbed company standards into an industry-generated database for three, four or five diamond hotels.

  • Comparisons of hotel services with market share competitive set.
  • In-depth report on the hotel's strengths and weaknesses by department consisting of 266 monitorings resulting in 8,872 guest contact points being monitored.

  • A breakdown indicating the date, time and name of employees monitored and the results of the monitoring.

  • A detailed narrative identifying the hotel’s areas of strength and service consistency.
    Identify and detail opportunities in guest service.

  • Identify employees rendering exemplary service and making effective use of guest name recognition.

  • Identify service and product consistency on a priority basis enabling management to prioritise opportunities and initiate specific training and coaching for the areas identified.

  • Comparisons of hotel services with previous CPAs undertaken at the property.

  • Presentation of an in-depth management report on departure reviewed by the General Manager with the CPA's team leader.

  • An Action Plan designed to allow management the opportunity to instantly adjust service and product levels to maximise customer satisfaction and bottom line results.

  • An executive synopsis containing a breakdown of service components where a hundred percent guest satisfaction was achieved and how a higher level of guest satisfaction is obtainable.

  • Detects hotel strengths and weaknesses in relation to service offered by the competition and indicates where adjustments can be made in service and product to maximise customer satisfaction.

  • Undertake to audit cash integrity tests and validate in-house cash control systems.


Company Bio

Carlar Hospitality Consultants Company Profile “Helping The Best Become Better Yet!”

An osprey soars over Leslie Rochford's Kelowna, British Columbia-based office. In this semi-rural setting overlooking Okanagan Lake, the busy hotel quality control consultant has time to reflect on the demanding pace of the past year. As managing director of Carlar Hospitality, he has literally been on the go non-stop across Canada. Staying night after night in prestigious more>>


Carlar Hospitality Clients

Carlar Hospitality Consultants provides market research, evaluation and appraisals for hotels requiring clear information on which to measure their hospitality service, thus giving them the control to effectively improve and meet revenue objectives. Carlar Hospitality Consultants' services are employed by a wide range of hotels. For examples of our clients, please view our client list